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This site is powered by an instance of historique, a generic framework for illustrating timelines of events and people, or variations. Examples include:

Make your own

From the source, historique can be downloaded and installed (see requirements below) and easily configured: titles, description, graphics, language, etc. Then, using the admin pages, events and people can be added. Your site will updated automatically.


You will need a server capable of running Django application and Postgres.

History / Acknowledgements

Historique was originally created to visualise the story of the research institute where I studied, which is due to close down soon. In order to demo the concept, I wrote a generic framework and worked on a couple of instances (Yesstory, and this one).

The technologies used include: Django, Postgres, D3.js, nginx, bootstrap.


If you find bugs, you're welcome to report them in github. This is only a demo, so I'm not going to spend too much time on fixing them unless I have a good reason to.